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Tips to Keep in Mind for International Students Leaving to USA

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Overcome the language barrier – Even if you are perfectly fluent in English, understanding when an American speaks the language or making yourself understood can be quite a task. Speak slowly and clearly, and if you are unable to understand what the other person said, you can always ask them to repeat slowly. Do not be ashamed, people are usually very warm and considerate in America. You can find more help regarding the American accent in these Quora answers.

Make the most of the cultural diversity – When in the United States, Indians prefer to live in closed communities. While it does give you a sense of safety and belonging, you end up missing out on a rich cultural experience. Interact with people from all ethnicities, this is your chance to have friends from literally all around the world. Learn more about adjusting to a new culture from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

Learn to cook – Burgers and fries will soon lose their charm and you’ll be left in tears. So, learn to cook basic homemade dishes and a few of your favourite ones. Also, be sure to locate nearby food stores as soon as you settle down.

Get medical insurance – To avoid those hefty healthcare bills, get yourself insured. Many universities offer insurance facilities to their students, check with your university before buying one. Also, check out medical insurance plans.

Being on your own can be overwhelming but it is part of growing up and you’re fortunate to be in a beautiful country like the United States. Be open to the change, welcome it with open arms and in its embrace, you will learn and grow.

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